Sudden Dream Recollection

I suddenly remembered details of a dream I had maybe like 18 hours ago.  I was watching a tipharot video about signs you are close to lucid dreaming.  He was talking about a dream sign of his which made me recall one of my dream signs.  Suddenly I recalled I had that dream sign in my most recent sleep cycle and yet did not become lucid.  I remember it seemed pretty captivating in the dream even though I don’t have a super vivid memory of it.  I was in a version of the basement of my grandmother’s house.  I often dream about being at her house, and it is often a quite different version of her house.  I ran into what I knew in the dream to be an old friend I used to hang out with in the basement when I was like a preteen or young teen probably.  Like apparently in the dream I remembered a section of the basement behind doors to have been set up something like an empty cafeteria and it would just be me and and my friend chilling there.  I seem to recall this friend coming to me in spirit in the dream to remind me about those days that I had obviously forgotten after he died.  He lead me to that room of the basement which he or somebody else had apparently turned into a fairly big store.  Interestingly, I seem to recall he went by the name Kurt Cobain.  Probably looked a good bit like Kurt too.  I was fairly happy to get the memories back, and he was happy that I remembered.  Suddenly he hurried away.  I think he had a suitcase in his hand, and I hurried after him.  We ended up inside of an airport.  I found myself in a troublesome situation because apparently this airport was for spirits on their way to Heaven.  The living were not supposed to be there.  I seem to then think that somehow my grandmother showed up (who is alive) to try to hurry me out before I got caught.  We were wondering if we would encounter my grandfather’s spirit there.  It seems like we might have glimpsed him urging us out of there.  I don’t recall anymore to the dream after that.

Perhaps this was some kind of dream signifying to remember the joys of the past while living in the present.  Perhaps there was a message to keep the happy memories of those gone even though we have had to let them go.  Hmm…


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