The Skeptic Response

I’m watching a program about America’s psychic past. A man at the beginning of the program who is skeptical states that if the paranormal were real there would have been much more evidence gained to support it over the past hundred years. My instant response to that was that if the paranormal were easy to prove then it would be normal instead of paranormal. The essence of his dilemma was a contradiction within his own wording. That is like saying you don’t believe in miracles because you have not seen enough of them. That is fine if you admit you are a “seeing is believing” person, but the word miracle would not have such a tone of awe if crying statues and sudden healings were commonplace.


An Experiment

I regularly deal with a lack of energy, and I am prone to migraines. My recent dream about “The Antidote” told me the name of my higher self which sounded a lot like “Iodine” to me. I thought that was odd. I figured I’d misheard and decided it was a similar sounding name instead. Now I suspect my higher self was hinting to me that I have an iodine defiency. Such a deficiency can apparently lead to the aforementioned conditions. Thus I am going to start making sure I have iodine in my diet by means of cranberry juice, eggs, tuna, etc. Hopefully I will see a reduction of fatigue and migraines as time goes by. ūüôā

The Water Wall


Once again I found myself lucid in a dream with the ocean.  Things were different this time though.  I apparently was lucid while the dream scene was changing.  I walked into a house and the rooms progressively got more beachy as I walked through.  When I walked out onto the porch I could tell there was the ocean to my right without looking directly at it.  So I turned my head to look away but could also peripherally see that there was ocean water to my left.  I could see the water start to rise high.

I prepared myself for this possibility before I went onto the porch.  I decided that I would ask Jesus to protect me in the event that this turned out to be another tsunami dream.  Running, shutting myself away in a building, trying to control the water, asking a dream guide to tell me why; those actions just were not helping to erase the fear out of these dreams and stop them.  So this time I decided I was going to stay in place and ask Jesus for help.  I sat on a porch chair and closed my eyes or just honed into my prayer so much that it blurred the visual around me.  I repeated several times to Jesus that I trust Him to protect me and keep me free from pain.  After some time I felt it was safe to look again.  I looked over to my right and saw that the wave had paused and was standing as a wall of water.  I think there were swirls of water or light across the surface, but the wave was stopped from gaining momentum and crashing ashore.

I felt I was perhaps supposed to walk into the wall of water.¬† I did so somewhat cautiously.¬† I stuck a hand out into the water first and could feel a hand reach for mind.¬† I momentarily was startled by the feeling of something protruding from the hand reaching out.¬† I wondered for a second if this hand hand claws.¬† The hesitation quickly passed as I was in a space of trusting Jesus.¬† When I crossed the wall, I saw that I was apparently in a hospital and the hand that pulled me through belonged to a bald woman wearing a hospital gown.¬† She was Caucasian and probably in her 20s or 30s.¬† I think she had blue eyes.¬† What I felt protruding from her hand was IV equipment.¬† I suspect she was a cancer patient.¬† She looked right at me as if she wanted or needed to share something with me, or at least like she was really seeing me.¬† I suspect she would have told me something if the dream didn’t end very shortly after going through the water.¬† I’m not entirely sure if I briefly woke up or the dream just ended.

It was a relief that the tsunami was stopped in this dream.¬† It is great relief that I thank Jesus and the Divine Parents for.¬† I really don’t what to make of the sickly woman pulling me through into a hospital.¬† I could theorize, but I’m not sure.


Again with the Tsunami Dreams

Once again I found myself lucid in a dream where I found myself on a beach with a Tsunami coming in. I asked for a dream guide to tell me why I continue having these dreams, feeling desperate and frustrated wanting to have a stop put to it so I can just enjoy beach dreams. I heard no response from a guide though. Instead I sought shelter in a large building which was likely a hotel. I could see the water surrounding and making way into the building. I don’t recall any more to the dream than that.

I have considered before that perhaps I should just stand in place and wait for the massive wall of water to come over me. However it is difficult to stay calm and objective when in such a dream, especially when you know you can feel pain in a dream. Dream control does not always work well for me. I recall a dream that I seem have had right before this mornings water horror. I tried to put out a fire that was consuming a house by making it rain. I was startled that the fire initially got worse with a tree behind the house exploding into flame. I believe it rained after, but it goes to show how unpredictable dream control can be.

The Antidote

I had a lucid dream in which I entered a cottage where I could feel my higher self stays. She was away, but two colleagues of hers were there. I chatted a little with one of them, and he pointed out to me that there are some language differences between their world and the one we live in. He said that what we call “The Higher Self”, they call “The Antidote”. That makes sense to me given that our higher selves can help cure us of “poisons” that negatively affect our well-being. Interesting.


I feel like I took another lucid dream journey last night, but I don’t recall the details of it. I believe I briefly woke while it was still dark. Then I went back to sleep. I am not one to wake up and write dreams down at like 4 in the morning. If the sun ain’t up, I am not risking losing sleep by waking myself enough to coherently record a dream. Not remembering the details is kind of annoying though.

I do, however, remember one interesting dream event. I found myself needing to use the bathroom in a dream and realizing I had to wake up to do so. I “woke up” and almost immediately thought I should make sure I am really awake. I looked at my arm as I lifted it. It was transparent. After being sure I was still sleeping I woke up for real. I quickly made my way to the bathroom while half asleep. When I sat on my bed again afterwards it dawned on me that my bed was in another corner of my bedroom in the false awakening. It seemed like I got out of my bed from that corner of the room after I woke up for real and went to the bathroom. I guess I was still in very much an in-between state of consciousness when my physical body got out of bed.

Edit: I randomly remembered details of the dream like 12 hours after waking up.

Dream Travels

I have noticed a pattern when I try to fly to a particular place in a lucid dream; I typically end up not getting to where I request to go.¬† For example, if I were to say “I want to go to Myrtle Beach”, chances are my dream self would instinctively set off in flight.¬† However, I would be aware that my lucidity tends to be short before actually waking up.¬† I would get impatient with how long it was taking me to get there and just have to enjoy the feeling of flight because I realized I would probably wake up before getting to that specific destination.¬† Two recent dreams have given me a hint at personal dream travel for myself;¬† I will actually end up somewhere if I ask my spirit tribe or guardian angel to take me on a journey.¬† ¬†Both experiences were fairly short as usual, but I actually did end up at a destination when I let go of the reigns to were that destination would be.¬† Interestingly enough, I did not fully wake up when I was jerked back from the second dream.¬† I was able to send myself back to that place pretty much right away even if again the visit was very brief.¬† It would be nice if I always was able to do that when I felt like it.

Something else I have noticed, which seems especially true after the last dream journey, is that my heart rate was elevated when I woke up.¬† It was almost as if I was having a panic attack minus the actual panic.¬† This adrenaline pumping might contribute to my short lucid dreams.¬† I do not believe I get too excited in the dream state.¬† I have an enthusiasm, sure.¬† I don’t feel I get to the level of overwhelming excitement though.¬† This tells me that whenever I become lucid I will have to ask my spirit tribe to help keep my heart rate at a healthy relaxed pace.

Thoughts of Dreamtime


This post will cover the different types of dreams.¬† ¬†Some dreams will combine multiple types.¬† It may go beyond the types of dreams and delve a bit into dream theory.¬† This is all from my point of view, so don’t be surprised to discover opposing information.¬† Here goes.

Dream types

  1. ¬†What I call a “tumbler dream”:¬† This is a dream in which your brain picks a bunch of random stuff from your memory (people you knew, places you have seen on television, monsters you have read about, etc.) and shakes them up together in a subconscious tumbler before tossing the contents out onto your dreamscape.¬† This is the “typical dream”.¬† These dreams will often enough be assembled out of references from your day, but can be composed on concepts and characters you have not thought of in years.¬† They can be as standard as fornicating with a celebrity or as weird as flying through space while riding on the back of a giant pink elephant.
  2. Symbolic dreams:¬† These are dreams that on the surface probably seem like a tumbler dream.¬† However, you wake up with a feeling that the dream was important.¬† You realize there was a relevant symbolic message for you in the dream after you have taken some time to consider its details.¬† For example, you might realize that a dream about bells that don’t ring is telling you that you have figuratively lost your voice.
  3. Visitation dreams:¬† These are dreams in which loved ones who have crossed over visit us in the dreamscape.¬† We may or may not be aware that we are dreaming in these.¬† There may not always be a way to know that a loved one really visited you in a dream, but I suspect there is a strong feeling that what you experienced was real instead of your subconscious recreating the deceased as a dream character.¬† ¬†You might receive confirmation in the form of a validated message.¬† Such a message could be “My locket is in the ballerina box in the basement.”¬† Then you would find the locket where you were told it would be.
  4. Desire dreams and fear dreams:  If you think every day about how you wish you could find Mr. Right, your subconscious  might simulate that experience for you in dreamtime.  If you are constantly worrying about not being able to pay your bills, you might have a dream about a foreclosure on your home.
  5. The semi-lucid dream- This is a dream in which you know to at least some extent that you are dreaming.¬† It could be carrying on like a regular tumbler dream but then without even thinking about it, your dream self says “This sure is an odd dream.”¬† You don’t really take advantage of the situation or even become particularly conscious.¬† Rather, you just have a little nudge that you are asleep.¬† I have found that I am often semi-lucid.¬† I will be going about a dream as usual then my dream self will tell the person I am talking to “I’m going to wake up soon.” If the dream is playing out like an astral adventure, then something similar but different might be said.¬† I believe it was this morning I had a dream in which I told a spirit I met in a house on the astral that I was still alive.¬† I said it like I instinctively knew I was asleep and projecting.¬† Then I realized that the spirit was of a cocaine addict and quickly corrected myself by saying that I was just kidding because I did not want the spirit to try to attach itself and experience a high through me.¬† I realize that this sounds like a sort of lucid dream/astral projection.¬† However, I was not participating with a wakeful consciousness.¬† I had a type of background awareness.¬† The background awareness of the dream is the stamp of the semi-lucid dream.¬† I can say in my experience that dream control and dream manifestation is easier in this type of dream.¬† Even though I am not lucidly thinking, my subconscious background awareness knows that dreaming means I can do all kinds of things.¬† The lack of full lucidity prevents me from second-guessing my in-dream abilities.
  6. The lucid dream:¬† You are totally aware you are dreaming.¬† This experience is often the result of a trigger in your dream drawing in conscious awareness.¬† Perhaps you are dreaming about your mom making breakfast for you.¬† You are in the kitchen of your childhood home.¬† Suddenly you think “What am I doing here?¬† I live in another state now.¬† I haven’t visited home in a year…I am dreaming!”¬† I’m not sure why spontaneous realizations such as that occur sometimes when typically we don’t think twice about the odd situations in our dreams.¬† ¬†People popularly try to take control in these dreams to have awesome experiences they have in mind.¬† Some examples are flying, shape shifting, time traveling, exploring space, and meeting beautiful lovers.¬† Something to note is that being lucid in a dream does not guarantee control over the dream.¬† Some who find themselves in lucid nightmares may become completely terrified even though they are aware they are in a dream.¬† This is because the experience feels more real while they are lucid.¬† If they are unable to take control, the experience of fear can be amplified.¬† Also on the topic of lucid dreams, some people choose to lucidly experience a dream without trying to control it.¬† I have a fondness for consciously exploring the dreamscape as it is.¬† One can also attempt to make contact with Spirit while lucid in a dream.¬† It is believed that such contact can be easier in the dream state.¬† Some people may even try to contact extraterrestrials from a lucid dream believing that their vibration will then be noticed.¬† I don’t try contacting E.T.s.¬† That is out of my comfort zone.
  7. Astral Projection/Astral Travel Dreams-¬† It is an ages old belief that one’s spirit (or astral body) goes exploring while we are asleep.¬† These explorations have been thought of as what makes up our dreams.¬† Although I can’t say that I strongly believe this is true for all dreams, I do feel there is at least some truth to this.¬† This is not to say I necessarily believe a spirit leaves their physical bodies for these dreams.¬† I believe that is possible.¬† However, I also believe in the possibility of an astral portal within the mind.¬† You will probably be able to grasp that idea if you have ever heard of worlds within worlds.¬† Perhaps we can experience astral travel within ourselves.¬† A way to differentiate an astral travel dream from a “standard” dream in which one travels is that an astral travel dream seems to possibly take you beyond your own personal dreamscape into a sort of collective realm where others might be able to travel.¬† For example, you might be accustomed to dreaming about being a student in school.¬† An astral travel dream would stand out because perhaps you asked your spirit guide to take you a place of learning in the spiritual realm.¬† You are then rapidly pulled to a school with an energy to it like you have never experienced.¬† It feels like there are really spiritual beings collectively gathered in that space.¬† Another type of possible astral projection dream is projecting to an alternate reality.
  8. False awakenings/OBEs (Out of body experiences):¬† I might have an out of the ordinary perspective on this, but OBEs¬† and false awakening have been linked together for me.¬† A false awakening is when one dreams he or she has woken up from bed.¬† The person goes about getting ready for the day, only to eventually realize they were not really awake.¬† Many experience this type of dream with no correlation to an OBE.¬† They don’t realize they were dreaming until after they wake up for real.¬† However, being lucid during a false awakening seems to connect to out of body experiences.¬† ¬†I think of an OBE as noticeably experiencing a separation from the physical body while still being alive and bonded with that body.¬† The environment in these experiences is the same as our physical surroundings or very similar to our actual physical surroundings.¬† I have “woken up” to use the bathroom and felt myself sit up in bed.¬† Then I realized I was still sleeping even though I was in my room and felt myself sit up.¬† I do not claim a strong conviction that I actually left my physical body on such occasions.¬† Perhaps I did separate.¬† ¬†However, I also believe the likelihood that astral projection/astral travel and OBEs are a form of dream.¬† I think they may be the other side of the lucid dream coin.¬† It is also conceivable to count remote viewing dream experiences as a type of out of body dream.
  9. Spiritual connection/message dreams:  These are dreams in which one is not necessarily lucid, but a spiritual being comes through.  These are not visitations from departed loved ones.  Rather these dreams involve a guardian angel, a spirit guide, a totem, or other member of your spirit tribe appearing for you.  They could arrive to deliver a message or to simply provide you with the energy of their company.
  10. Psychic dreams:  These are dreams in which a person accurately foresees the future, looks into the past, is contacted in order to act as a medium, or picks up on an event happening currently in the world before they receive news of it in waking life.

I think this provides a good amount of detail on the subject of dreaming.¬† I hope you enjoyed reading it.¬† Blessed be, y’all.