It doesn’t quite seem like Fall yet.

Yesterday I posted about Mabon. I did not get around to redecorating as I typically like to do for season changes. It frankly just doesn’t seem quite like fall yet with highs in the 80s. I will probably redecorate when the temperatures get a little bit cooler. I hope you all had a blessed Autumn equinox (Spring if in the southern hemisphere). 



Happy Mabon!  My personal ritual for season changes is to redecorate a bit in my room.  Not feeling super energetic at the moment, so changes might be particularly minimal.  We shall see.   Blessed be, y’all. 

Sudden Dream Recollection

I suddenly remembered details of a dream I had maybe like 18 hours ago.  I was watching a tipharot video about signs you are close to lucid dreaming.  He was talking about a dream sign of his which made me recall one of my dream signs.  Suddenly I recalled I had that dream sign in my most recent sleep cycle and yet did not become lucid.  I remember it seemed pretty captivating in the dream even though I don’t have a super vivid memory of it.  I was in a version of the basement of my grandmother’s house.  I often dream about being at her house, and it is often a quite different version of her house.  I ran into what I knew in the dream to be an old friend I used to hang out with in the basement when I was like a preteen or young teen probably.  Like apparently in the dream I remembered a section of the basement behind doors to have been set up something like an empty cafeteria and it would just be me and and my friend chilling there.  I seem to recall this friend coming to me in spirit in the dream to remind me about those days that I had obviously forgotten after he died.  He lead me to that room of the basement which he or somebody else had apparently turned into a fairly big store.  Interestingly, I seem to recall he went by the name Kurt Cobain.  Probably looked a good bit like Kurt too.  I was fairly happy to get the memories back, and he was happy that I remembered.  Suddenly he hurried away.  I think he had a suitcase in his hand, and I hurried after him.  We ended up inside of an airport.  I found myself in a troublesome situation because apparently this airport was for spirits on their way to Heaven.  The living were not supposed to be there.  I seem to then think that somehow my grandmother showed up (who is alive) to try to hurry me out before I got caught.  We were wondering if we would encounter my grandfather’s spirit there.  It seems like we might have glimpsed him urging us out of there.  I don’t recall anymore to the dream after that.

Perhaps this was some kind of dream signifying to remember the joys of the past while living in the present.  Perhaps there was a message to keep the happy memories of those gone even though we have had to let them go.  Hmm…

Subconcious Musings Dream

I had a dream in which I was walking along a mountain road in front of my family’s little vacation house.  I saw what appeared to be a piece of rainbow fluorite and picked it up.  I found what appeared to be a trail of the fluorite pieces and happily kept stuffing them in my glasses.  I came to find that they were actually pieces of beautiful colored broken glass.  Obviously they were broken in a way that was not jagged enough to cut my hands. I found and picked up a vividly colored (although I mostly just remember the bright deep red color on it) glass bottle shaped much like a flask.  I believe I figured that a truck must have been hauling beautiful glassworks, and that some got broken up and fell off on the side of the road.

a gouache sketch inspired by the bottle

I then either had a false awakening or entered a state in which I was partially awake and partially asleep.  I was lying in bed with my eyes shut and could feel the pieces of glass from the dream in my hand.  However, I could not see the glass pieces when I momentarily opened my eyes.  I believe I again shut my eyes and could still feel the pieces of glass.  I believe I recall thinking “I must be experiencing some sort of hypnagogia.”

I then went back into a continuation of the dream by the road and went into the creek beside of the road.  I got into the water and could blissfully feel it on my skin as if I were really in a creek.  I remember grasping for gems and stones in the bottom of the creek so I could get a better look at them.  (That’s something I like to do in waking life as well when I get a chance.)  I was quite enjoying myself.  I remember there were other people around but I didn’t pay them much notice.  I picked up a rock or two together that turned out to be shaped like keys.  I thought this was quite cool.  I looked up and there was a row of key shaped crystals/stones that were shaped like keys and hung up on what were essentially retail hooks set up into the embankment along the creek.  I started collecting them excitedly.  I believe I then got the idea that they were keys to different parts of my subconcious.  I think I announced this to a friend that was nearby.

I then ended up getting out of the creek to lie down on what I believe was a big rock at the creek.  Probably around five non-specific women in similar (but different colored) clothing surrounded me and started combing my hair.  I seem to recall believing that these women were different parts of my subconcious.  I was enjoying them combing my hair.  I said aloud in the dream something along the lines of “From now on whenever my hair is being combed or I am in water, I will be calmed and more able to access my subconcious.”  I seem to have been programming myself without lucidly being in control.  Now of course in real life the water relaxation would be limited to water that is not deep because I cannot swim.   I truthfully am relaxed by the feeling of water on my skin when it is safe.  Just about any lady can tell you the joy of having her hair brushed by another when she was a child.  Therefore, my dream declaration does seem at least somewhat sensible.

Dream or Dreams?

Watching a tipharot video about the number of lucid dreams possible in a night has raised a question for me: What counts as one dream?  I think of a pause or period of wakefulness as the break between one dream and another.  Therefore, two dreams could be seperated by opening one’s eyes for a a few seconds, the dreamscape going blank as if in a meditative state during lucidity, or a period of time during sleep in which you seemingly cease to dream.  A dream might continue where it left off after a pause in some cases.  In those cases, perhaps that counts as one dream with a pause.  Perhaps that counts as two dreams the way that a movie and its sequal count as two movies.

I realize that many probably count their dreams according to scene changes.  If one is having a dream about the beach which turns into a dream about grocery shopping, that person might count that as two seperate dreams.  I essentially consider that to be one dream that changed.  I suppose none of this matters much.  This post likely seems like babbling.  How you count your dreams is a matter of preference.  Personally, I don’t think I’d bother counting my dreams so much as reflecting over their content.


The situation has become very serious with Irma now a category 5 hurricane with winds of 180 mph projected on a path of destruction.  The U.S.’s resources are being used already to help recovery in Texas.  This is terrible.  Please lets come together to pray for protection from this storm.  Pray that we (including the islands in the path) don’t see massive death counts or billions more in damages.  Pray that we don’t have masses more displaced.  So many have already been made homeless because of Harvey.  May my fellow witchy and new age people do their things with crystal grids and such.  Please send out your love and hope.

For information on the storm, check here:

Yeah…that’s not going to work.


I became lucid this morning seemingly after recognizing I was in a dream due to a former friend living in what I know to be my brothers house in the dream.  The former friend had a major attitude with me (as well as in a previous dream before that sometime this morning), and I told her something like “This is my brother’s house.  You don’t live here.  This is a dream and I don’t feel like wasting my time arguing with you.”  (I accidently typed “arguing with me” before correcting it.  Makes sense considering I was basically arguing with myself).

After declaring that I wanted to be in the mountains.  I was in a pretty mountain setting.  I looked over and could see a sort of open air bontanical market close by to my left.  It was under a sort of tent I believe, not like you would camp in, more like a flea market situation.  I walked in and started picking up little flower stems.  I seem the few l picked up to all be purple.  I think I had two little stems of different flowers when I came across a plant that really wowed me.  It had little bells on it.  I don’t mean a bell shaped blossom.  I mean something like a darker purple stem with little light purple sleigh bells growing off of it.  I added a stem of the plant to my mini bouquet and was like “I wish I could take this back to waking life with me.”  I knew I could not take anything back with me because of a combination of past experiences and common sense.  But then a shop lady was like “Oh you can.  We can have them sent to you.”  My reaction was probably something like a “Whaaaaat?” face.  I was directed to another shop lady in front of a little table who told me she would have my flowers shipped to me in waking life.  She took down my name and address, but my name looked like something might have been incorrect at a glance so I looked again and my name was all messed up.  Words looking messed up is a common lucid dream indicator.  I just kind of shrugged it off, maybe with a little giggle or grin from realizing I was right, and declared this wasn’t going to work.  I had just figured it was worth a try.

Even if you logically know you aren’t going to wake up with a pocket full of emeralds, you can get caught up with how awesome something is and want to try taking it back with you.  My oldest memory of this is taking photos in a dream of a mystical landscape, and being a little bummed that my camera full of unicorns photos (or something like that) didn’t make the journey to waking life with me.   I have heard some YouTuber say before that trying to take something back with you into waking life is a fairly common lucid dreamer act of silliness.

Another “silliness” mentioned is telling dream characters that this is a dream.  Although I can certainly see why this would be considered silly, it’s not really silly for me.  I have found that some dream characters will annoy the sh** out of me even after I know I am lucid if I don’t explain to them that I am dreaming.  It’s like I have to convince my subconcious I am dreaming as well.


Feel free to comment about silliness you do when lucid dreaming.  Blessed be y’all.

Hazardous Weather 

In addition to the Harvey crisis, we are dealing with tornados in the States as well. Alabama and Tennessee are getting hit by tornados today and my local forecast for North Carolina is warning of possible tornados tomorrow.  Please send protection prayers for those who will be under tornado watch and warning.  Please send healing and rescue to the areas hit by tornados.  

In the midst of all this, Irma has now been declared a hurricane in the Atlantic.  Divine please be with us.