Reaper Dream

I had an interesting dream this morning.  I had a dream I was lying on my bed in the dark and could hear and visualize an elderly man in a prison cell.  I could hear him so well that I checked to see if a cell phone was at my ear.  I realized then that the communication was telepathic.  I asked him if he was alive.  He said “No.”  He then asked me if I liked Grim.  I was confused because I didn’t know if he meant the show Grimm, the main character in the show, or the Grim Reaper.  As I was taking a moment to figure out what he meant, I could feel a presence right by me and hear a different voice demanding I answer the question.  I explained I didn’t know which Grim/Grimm was being referred to.  He clarified that he wanted to know if I hated Death.  I said something along the lines of “Although I fear Death because no one wants to be parted from their loved ones, I do not hate Death because he is doing his job.  There is a balance of things beyond my comprehension and he is a part of that balance.”  I could feel that the voice and presence was actually that of Death himself.  He seemed relieved by my answer.  He wanted me to get something from under my bed for him.  I could reach straight down to underneath my bed as if there was a large opening in the mattress.  The floor was wooden instead of carpeted and I felt around underneath while lying on my stomach on the bed.  It took me a minute to find anything.  I found a large coin (like the size of my palm), and I handed it to him.  I then noticed that under the bed was a panel door in the flooring and lifted it.  Undernearth was a large built-in spirit board with a planchette.  This scared me some because I am untrusting of Ouija boards.  I asked Death how long that had been there, and he responded “Since you started journeying.”  The indication seemed to be that it had been there for a while.  In retrospect I think the coin might have been like the drachma paid to the Ferryman.  This dream seems to be related to my Persephone persona and psychic development.




I hate text to voice videos.

You may or may not have noticed that a number of “new age” videos on YouTube use software to turn turn text into a voice.  It’s a creepy as **** robotic nightmare.  I do not like it. I do not like it one bit.  Instantly gets the back button press.  Surely I am not alone in this.  Soooooooooo creepy.

Lucidity Report #10

I had a different experience in dream. I was working on spirituality related stuff when someone who was helping me attached something to my head. Specifically I had been wrapped in a sort of cocoon (which I seem to recall looking a bit like stretched pink bubble gum) and she was making sure it stayed in place.  It felt like a nail going through one of my teeth (a molar seemingly). Odd that the object was tacked to the outside of my head yet just injured a tooth.  It hurt.  I probably looked at her about like an injured child would, and she told me it would stop hurting after I wake up. I seem to recall it still hurting for a moment when I woke up. Then the pain surely vanished.

Lucidity Update #9

I have not been lucid much for a while.  This morning I realized I was dreaming while flying through the air.  The flying was easy and I didn’t want to destabilize it like what might happen if I vocalized I was dreaming.  I enjoyed the air rushing against me for a moment and then decided to ice skate.  It seems a real life knee itch woke me while I was was setting up ice to skate on.  My alarm sounded soon after anyway. 

Longer Nights


I am among many who have complained about daylight savings time.  It can certainly mess with someone to have it suddenly be dark outside at 5:30 p.m.  Around comes 8 and it seems like it’s going on midnight.  However, I found comfort this evening in the earlier darkness.  Somehow, it felt like I was being embraced with more “me time”.  I guess there is something about the night that can help one to feel more solitary and in solace.  During the summer we don’t get as much time to experience that feeling.  By the time darkness comes, we are watching primetime television with family, washing the dinner dishes, or doing something else that distracts us.  Then it’s bed time.  The night coming earlier gives as more time to just sit by firelight and drink our beverage of choice.  Even twenty minutes of this cozy bliss can make a world of difference in one’s mood.  I hope all of you that are sharing in these lengthened nights make the best of them.

Blessed be, y’all.

Science and Spirituality; BFFs


I have noticed, as I think most of us have, that there are people who seem to believe science and spirituality are at war.  They are not.  People who want to be right are at war.  Science and spirituality are both wonderful.  Science helps people cook, develop more sustainable energy, treat diseases, and predict weather patterns.  Spirituality helps emotionally comfort people.  It helps people to hope and find courage.  It allows people to believe that their deceased loved ones still exist in some way and are at peace.  Science and spirituality can both be in people’s lives, and a great balance can be had from that pairing.

I don’t relate to the need to throw a perspective at someone and rub it into their eyes until they can see nothing else.  As long as nobody is getting hurt, what do any of the arguments matter?  I am surely guilty of privately judging people from time to time.  I won’t pretend to be a saint.  However, does it do any good to figuratively crap all over a person because of their spiritual beliefs (or lack their of)?  I know there might be people who read this post and vehemently disagree with my stance.  That is their prerogative.  My stance remains.

Smudging Alternatives


If you go into any new age, witchy, or psychic forum you are almost sure to read suggestions for people to smudge their spaces.  Smudging usually refers to the burning of sage to clear negative energy away from an area.  Sometimes palo santo wood is burned instead.  Once in a while other herbs will be mentioned (such as lavender).  I have used a clean-burning incense stick to clear a room.  However, sometimes using smoke to smudge a place is not the best ideal.  There are a few reasons for this:

  1. College dorms, for example, often will not allow candles or incense to be used.  I think that probably also forbids burning of herbs for the sake of smudging.  I would not be surprised if this is also the case in many nursing homes and other communities with dozens or hundreds of people living in the same building.  This is the rule because building managers want to keep fire risk minimal.
  2. Some people might not have easy access to smudging herbs.  This could be due to location or monetary restrictions.
  3. Some people react negatively to smoke.  A person with asthma, bronchitits, COPD, pneumonia, etc. doesn’t need a house full of smoke.  It’s hard to focus your intention on cleansing your home when your grasping for an inhaler and hurrying outside so you can breathe.

Thus, I offer some alternatives for energy clearing.

  1.  Pray.  Pray up a storm of positive, protective energy.  Call on your high vibrational spirit guardians, Archangel Michael, Jesus, your loving ancestors, etc.
  2. Make a “smudge” spray.  If you have access to herbs, you can soak them in water in a spray bottle.  You can also put non-dissolving crystals and/or salt in the bottle.  In the case of sprays, you may use pure essential oils to mix into the water instead of using solid herbs.  If you want to make a spray and don’t have herbs or essential oils, you could still potentially make a spray by strongly infusing your intention into a spray bottle full of water.  Of course you could use salt and crystals in the water still if you wish.
  3.  Cleansing with sound.  You could do this with a bell, chimes, or a singing bowl.  If you have none of those things, you could find those sounds on YouTube and let them play for a while.
  4.  Open your curtains and windows during the daylight hours.  Let the natural light pour into your home, and let the fresh air flow in to move negative energy out.  I realize the weather isn’t always ideal for having windows open, but if nothing else just leave the window(s) slightly open for a few minutes.
  5.  You could use a diffuser to carry a scent through your space.  I have a little vaporizing diffuser that works as a humidifier when I need one and also gradually disperses essential oil into the air.  It even has a color changing light for nifty effect.
  6. Keep crystals around you.  Place protective crystals around your home, especially by your bed.  I say especially by your bed because you are typically most vulnerable when you are sleeping.  Alternatively, if you do not wish to invest in several crystals, you could invest in a piece of crystal jewelry to wear.  Some protective stones to consider are black tourmaline, black kyanite, hematite, obsidian, garnet, and amethyst.  Do your research and see what your are drawn to purchase.
  7. Burn purposed candles.  You can walk around your house holding a prayer candle as you pray for protection and energy clearing.  Or you could just leave the candle(s) in the area you are staying in.  General fire safety logic to be considered.  If you are not drawn to typical prayer candles, some believe burning a black candle can repel negativity if your intention is for it to do so.  White candles are generally thought of as all-purpose candles.  You may even want to use a candle scented with essential oil.
  8. If you feel that you personally need to be energetically cleansed, you might want to try soaking in an energy cleansing bath.  One combination of ingredients to use in such a bath could be lavender essential oil, sea salt, and an amethyst.  I like to use a little bit of a citrus essential oil in a bath for an uplifting experience.

A suggestion I read today is to not set up boundaries with salt, talismans, etc. in your space until you have cleansed it.  You want to make sure you don’t accidently seal negative energy in with you.

Blessed be, ya’ll.

Protected Dreams

I had a pretty strong image of my Pappaw in my mind as I snuggled up to sleep last night.  I felt like his soul was present and wanted me to be assured that he would be there as I slept.  This brought me the peace I needed to stop worrying about creepy spirit dreams.

I didn’t get the best night’s sleep ever (I fell asleep on the couch after all), but it was certainly an improvement over the few nights before that.  I recall some dream details, but it didn’t feel like I was dreaming for hours.  That in itself was refreshing.  The details I recall were interesting (to me at least).

I don’t think I was lucid for any of the dreaming unless it was very brief.  I believe I recalled hearing something in the dream that made me think it was about to storm.  I looked up from the couch to investigate the noise and saw that the door ahead was open.  I got up to close it and saw that there was a tiger rummaging about at the border of our yard.  Instead of thinking “that’s odd, I must be dreaming”, I thought something like “somebody’s illegal pet must have gotten out!  I better get this door closed and call animal control!”


Keep in mind that the layout of my house seemed to be the same in this series of dreams.  Other than maybe a few details being off, it looked pretty much the same as it does in waking life.  The door didn’t want to close right, like it didn’t want to latch properly and it seemed like maybe the door didn’t come completely to the frame on the top and bottom of it.  I got it shut enough to satisfy me for the moment though apparently.  Next thing I recall (although not sure in what order) was waking up (or seeming to wake up) and realizing that the sound of the air purifier in the room is what leaked into the dream sounding like the start of a storm to me.  For some reason my hearing was magnified so that it sounded significantly louder than usual.  I also remember the image of a tiger face popping up on the tv for a moment as a confirmation that the tiger in my dream was my spirit animal protector.  That tv moment was likely in realistic dream.  The air purifier sounding so loud seems like I was really awake though for a minute then.

I also remember that in my dream my Dad had carried a lit red 7 day candle (prayer candle) into the room I was in and sat it down on the coffee table beside me.  Now in waking life I realize that would not have happened because my Dad does not have prayer candles and would not leave a lit candle in the room with me unless perhaps it was a scented candle.  However, the other details seemed real.  So I didn’t really second guess it in the dream.  Later in the dream he came out of his room dressed for work.  At some point he called to my stepbrother somewhere else in the house (which should have been a dream indicator since my step bro has not been in this house in years), and then Dad came into the room to snuff the candle out before he left for work.  When I looked over at the candle there was another red prayer candle beside the one I saw my Dad leave.  That one looked like it had just been snuffled out.  While Dad was trying to put the remaining flame out, somehow he dropped a piece of paper into the candle jar (or tried to snuff it with paper for some odd reason).  The flames shot up and I think the candle momentarily got dropped onto the coffee table.  The wax, on fire, spread onto the table.  We quickly got the fire put out, but it left some wax and a little bit of burn marking on the table.

The less realistic dream detail I remember was lying on the couch and looking over to see ghost writing of some man’s name at the top of the wall.  I grabbed a piece of paper to try to write the name down (which I do not remember the name) so that I could look it up later.  I couldn’t seem to write it correctly though.  I think I kept accidently mispelling it.  Then I got an ominous feeling like it was a name I should not look up.  I put the writing utensil down and didn’t pay any more attention to the name.  Aside from the ghost writing aspect being highly pecular, the setting seemed pretty usual.

Here is what I take from these dream details; My spirit allies were looking out for me while I slept.  The door was open because of the veil.  I couldn’t get it shut completely, but I got it shut well enough to feel like I could relax some.  The tiger was amusing itself as it let its presence be known on the border of my yard in the dreamscape.  I didn’t see any spirit dream characters roaming around the yard, and perhaps “my” tiger had a good bit to do with that.  The candles in the dream were to represent loved ones keeping a light going in the room during the dark hours.  They were keeping vigil as I slept.  Perhaps the incident with the fire and wax spreading onto the table was to leave proof in the dream that vigil was held.  Perhaps the ghost writing incident was a spirit trying to leak into my dreamscape and getting shot down by my protectors.  I never saw a spirit body in the dream.  The only characters in the dream were me, my Dad, and the tiger.

That’s all the details I have about last night’s dreams.  Blessed be, y’all.