We Hoard Things

A post on Facebook helped bring to my attention a humorous truth about what witches do; We hoard things.  I can’t speak for every witch, but probably half of my witchy practice is hoarding things.  Or “collecting”.  Things to be hoarded include (but are not limited to):

  • Candles
  • Crystals
  • Herbs/teas
  • Essential oils
  • Altar decorations
  • And books.

Witches also tend to bring in random things from outside.  A witch is likely to see a cool looking stick on the ground and pick it up like “Oo wand!” I have gathered acorns to put in a dish for fall decoration.   What can I say?  We see the magick in things and like to be prepared.  😉



It seems I might be accidentally slipping out of body somewhat during my slumber.  Not only is that annoying when I am trying to wake up for real, it especially does not seem ideal during the thinned veil time.  I have rung my altar bell again to repel negative energy and attract high vibration, protective and loving energy.  I also fashioned an anklet that I hope acts as an anchor to keep my astral body full in my physical body.

 I used black ribbon and tourmalated quartz (or black rutile quartz) for the anchor since black is protective.  I also intend to sleep on the couch with the TV on and the kitchen light on behind me.  Here’s hoping for peaceful sleep.  Blessed be y’all. 



I am feeling better than I did when I first woke up.  After taking some medicine and using a heating pad on my neck, I did some serious bell ringing in my room (which is also my sacred space).  I rang my altar bell many times with the intention to repel negative energies and call forth the loving, high vibration energies of my deceased loved ones so that they may spend the day with me if they wish to do so.  The bell-ringing really lifted my mood.  I am more excited for the day than I was.  Perhaps my ancestors will oblige me tonight by helping me to have a peaceful slumber.  That would be truly lovely.

Happy Samhain to you all.


Normally I would be excited for Samhain. I still sort of am, but also so ready for it to be over. My sleep has sucked for the past several nights. It is a restless sort of sleep in which I seem to dream all night. Last night I couldn’t get my neck comfortable so I kept waking up to neck pain in between dreams. I had another dream with spirits in my room. A female who looked probably around my age, a male probably around that age that seemed like her companion, and another male I think. She was the primary one talking. I was startled because I had anointed my doorway and window with lavender oil.  I asked how they got in and they maybe shrugged as they informed me that they basically walked right in with ease. I figured they must have gotten in because they didn’t really want to hurt me. They did seem like they were amused by getting a scare out of me, but admitted they were not there to do any real harm. They left out my window, with my curtain and window disappearing as they went into the yard. As she was leaving she mentioned an “avocado” colored light she could see about to come under my door as if it was a little unsettling to her. With my window gone, a large opening to my room was there.  The three spirits seemed amused by my slight panic as another one giving me a creepy look approached them.

I was determined to turn on a light at that point. I don’t recall if I tried to wake up first or if I initially thought I was awake. I could not get my lamp to turn on.  I then realized I was dreaming. I kept trying to wake up and turn the light on, but instead I kept feeling my arms move while I could see they were not. It was as if I could feel my astral body moving as I struggled to get my physical body to pick up the signal. (That is not a first for me.)  Eventually I woke up for real and turned my lamp on.  I went back to sleep with no more spirit dreams but still did not sleep well.  

I really hope I get back to peaceful sleep soon.  I think I probably thrashed around in bed a good bit last night.  Thank God for my otc pain medicine and heating pad.  Waking up feeling like you were running errands all night in your sleep sucks. 

Making a Door

I was not lucid for long last night. However, something unusual happened.   I had been looking out a second story bathroom window and noticed my grandmother’s yard did not look quite right.  I decided to go outside and take the bathroom door and then leave through the door to the outside.  Hit a snag. There was NO DOOR.  I turned around and liked like a wall of cabinets popped up where the door should be.  I think they materialized before my eyes.  Very unusual to be in a room with no door or doorway.  Instead of turning back around and jumping out of the window I decided to work my tush off ripping through the wall and making an exit.  I made it through the wall, but the house on the other side of the wall was no longer any version of my grandmother’s house. It was an obviously historic home from probably the 1800s but in modern times.  I descended an old staircase and exited the house.  When I got outside, it was my grandmother’s yard. I didn’t have much control of the dream out there either. 

I kept trying to manifest a blackberry in my hand but it was looking more like a failed experiment/weird little pine cone instead.  A dream character walked up to me who had seen what I was trying to do and seemingly sentiently handed me what looked a bit like a smooshy raspberry and told me to eat it. I found the sentience odd and ate the berry which was not bad.  Lost lucidity after that.

The door dilemma made me wonder if that was my subconscious’ way of showing me my stubbornness once I have settled on a decision.  Anywho, blessed be y’all. 

Boundary Magick In Line

I awoke from a dream which an unpleasant spirit admitted he had been feeding off me like his personal battery while I sleep. He was taunting me.  I banished him in witchy fashion and then was awoken by a “Hello” that I heard in the dream.  While probably just a dream, might be a good idea to bless the bedroom door and window…

Flying Instructor

I was not lucid in my dreams last night.  However my dream gave me an idea: Bring in Peter Pan as an instructor/friend if you are having trouble flying in a lucid dream.  He could hand you a bag of pixie dust and tell you to “think happy thoughts” or “believe”.  My ideal Pan is of course Robin Williams. 

To explain how I got this idea, I will briefly describe my dream last night.  I was showing off by flying around in front of some people. I was having a blast. Then Peter Pan showed up apparently as my buddy to join in the flying fun and really show everyone how it’s done.  I don’t recall seeing him much in the dream, but I believe I saw that he was the Robin Williams version when he stopped to see if I needed help while I was stopped making sure I didn’t lose the garnet from my ring. (It has fallen out of my ring before in real life.) 

Blessed be, y’all. 

Black Kyanite 

Black Kyanite was calling to me.  I spent the weekend away with family.  Before I left for the weekend, I knew I wanted to buy a black kyanite pendent if my favorite store in the vacation area still had them.  Thank goodness they had them just within my budget.  I got one, and I love it! 🙂

It looks like a little bessom.  Perfect for a witch, and in alignment with its quality of sweeping the chakras clear. 

Lucidity and Nonlucidity.

At some point during the night I entered a state of lucidity in my dreams. In the first dream, I woke up in a car in a shopping center parking lot. My reality check is “Is this weird?” That was definitely weird considering I fell asleep on a bed at our family’s getaway property. I did a corresponding check by reading a store sign. I figured out it was Dollar Tree, but all the letters were not clear at once.

I didn’t want to destabilize myself (in a rather clear realistic dream in the initial moments in the car). So I decided to just walk around and try to anchor myself in the dream. I got out of the car looking like a lady who just got out of bed. I had on worn out sweatpants and an old shirt. I am sure my hair was a mess. I didn’t care because I knew I was dreaming. I walked into a Target store and believe grabbed a buggy. I started to explore the store, and I must have saw clarity fading so I stopped the buggy (cart for you non Southerners) for a moment in order to spin around once. I heard a guy behind me ask somebody “Did she just spin?” as if I was a weirdo. I headed to the clothing section to feel the fabrics in order to better stabilize. At that point I could feel a mild headache as if I was was “thinking too hard”. This told me my brain was struggling to stay lucid. I then “woke up” up where I actually fell asleep. Two famous internet gamers came out of my Dad’s room as if they were friends vacationing with me. One of them asked to borrow my phone to call his wife. I handed him the phone and then thought “I don’t know the Game Grumps. Oh, false awakening.

Shortly after that I woke up for real because my Dad was making noise in the kitchen. It was still dark though, so I went back to sleep. Then came the strong nonlucidity. I didn’t wake up when my alarm sounded. Instead I dreamt I couldn’t get my alarm to shut up even by unplugging an alarm clock from the wall. I use a cell phone alarm in real life. Eventually my alarm silenced itself and I slept for like another hour and a half.