The Sensuality of Darkness


I find that sensuality is strong in the darkness.  The darkness I refer to is a state in which one is freed from having numerous distractions, and thus one is left with a greater awareness of oneself.  In this darkness, the senses other than sight are heightened while the eyes rest.  This can even occur in a lit room as long as one can block out distractions.

This darkness is primal.  Primal in this meaning is not bad.  It is ancient.  It is empowering.  It is intoxicating.  It is downright sensual.  Close the drapes and put on some slow music.  Suddenly one feels as sexy as Akasha in the Queen of the Damned movie.  You were a butterfly when you were out at the park in the morning hours.  Now you are a tigress.

If you ever feel like you have lost your sensual power, I suspect you might find it in the darkness.  This is at least something I feel true for females.  The dark has been associated to the feminine after all.  I think part of ourselves (especially our sensual power) may stay hidden in the darkness to avoid intimidating or offending others.  Perhaps we just don’t want the attention that carrying around that sensuality all the time would entail.  Perhaps some of us have been trained to believe that part of us should stay separated.  Whatever the case, I have found that darkness makes me feel like more of a woman as I embrace my full self.  Perhaps it could do the same for some of my lady readers.

Blessed be, y’all.



A Fool’s Psychic Journey

In the context of this blog, the Fool I mention is the one of the tarot. This fool is the naive, optimistic person starting out on a journey with pep in his or her step. This fool might not know exactly which route to take, but he or she is ready to explore the options! I have been the fool on a path of psychic study since probably around April last year.


It started as a rekindling of interest in tarot. I had a period of rather practiced hobby in tarot in the first half of my 20s. The desire to practice fled then returned shortly before my 30th birthday. I was pretty passionate about practicing for maybe a month or two. In that time I decided to join a couple of facebook groups dedicated to strengthening intuition, my intent specifically being able to sharpen my tarot skills. One group was for tarot readers in particular. Another group was a general intuitive practice group. A person in the second group told me early on that after a while I would not need my cards anymore to do readings. I don’t recall who the person was, but that claim made a ripple that created a change for me. I don’t believe I had even considered that at the time. I didn’t think of myself as psychic. I just tried to use my faith and gut instinct when doing tarot readings.

I didn’t keep up with the tarot for long after that. Reading without cards became a more intriguing adventure. Although I have not been consistent in practicing my intuitive skills, I did dive in and give it a try. My first reading in the practice group connected. It was exhilarating. I was inspired to keep trying. Sometimes I seemed to completely miss the mark (which certainly serves to keep the ego in check). Sometimes my readings went sort of half and half on accuracy. Other times I have done quite well. I don’t consider my abilities strong enough to outright consider myself a psychic or medium. However, I suppose I can now say “I’m a little bit psychic.” I feel that my connection to the spirit world is gradually growing stronger. My dreams are more and more seeming to connect me to a world (or worlds) that go beyond the chaotic dumping of subconsciousness. I know that although my journey is special to me, there are many other people out there on similar journeys. I have some lessons for those starting a path of psychic discovery. I have picked these lessons up along the way, and I am still working with them.

  1. The spirit world uses the human imagination as a field of communication. It can be quite difficult at times to distinguish between one’s own imaginative creations and psychic information coming through the imagination. Practice readings are likely to be hit or miss because of this. It is probably going to take a good bit of time and practice to become adept in sorting the psychic info out of the imagination. This has been my biggest struggle in strengthening my intuitive/psychic ability.
  2. You can really seem to be getting a spirit strong when doing a mediumship reading. You feel happy and fairly confident, then are greatly humbled when not a thing clicks with the sitter. I have been told essentially that sometimes a spirit is so eager to talk that they come in instead of the intended spirit. You can’t just look at a picture and decide “I will practice on this” then assume on the info is coming from that person’s spirit. You have to make it very clear when you open the channel that you are only interested in connecting with the spirit of the person you intend to connect with. Otherwise, somebody’s grandmother’s best friend that died when you were two years old might show up instead of their grandmother. Then the information is just likely to cause confusion or make you seem silly.
  3. Sometimes symbolism is used instead of a straight forward message. Your guide might show you a teddy bear to represent childhood instead of showing a little boy. Interpretation is personal and can be difficult and take time to figure out.
  4. This should go without saying, but I will state it just to be on the safe side. Protect yourself! Don’t just open up to psychic communication with shields down. You raise them shields up real good! Ask your guardian angel, journey animal, and/or other spirit guardians from your spirit tribe to protect you. You don’t want any low-vibrational energies toying with or attaching to you. Additionally, a lack of shielding can cause you to feel drained after a reading. This doesn’t necessarily indicate any bad energies messing with you, but being connected to spirit can drain one’s energy if proper boundaries are not in place to prevent too much of your personal energy from being used to connect. Many will say that grounding should be paired with shielding practices. I don’t know how well I actually ground, but I do have a spray bottle of snow water for cleansing after readings if I feel it is necessary.
  5. Get lucid. Lucid dreaming can create a wonderful field for interaction with your spirit tribe. Some adventures may turn out to be accidental astral projections or OBE’s, and some might turn into intentional astral journeys. As you would do with psychic readings, it is a good idea to set up protection/shielding before sleep too. I’ve had some unpleasant dreams (that were not always lucid, at least didn’t start that way) which seemed like accidental slips into an astral layer with some hateful energies. It is best to try avoiding such encounters.
  6. It’s okay to use tools to help along your intuition. Rome was not built in a day. Even though I don’t use my tarot often anymore, I do occasionally pick up a deck. Some initiatives simply love working with a tarot deck or pendulum even if they are already super capable psychics. There’s nothing wrong with that. You do what suits you.
  7. Psychic ability can have different forms for different people. You may have a friend friend who has strong clairvoyance while you have strong clairaudiance. Or you might know somebody with a low skill level with many psychic forms of ability while you have just the one strong form of ability. One isn’t better than the other, just different. Try not to be jealous or intimidated. You might develop new or stronger ability over time. It is commonly thought in the psychic community that abilities can be learned and strengthened. Perhaps just consider it a blessing that you are more naturally gifted in some areas.

That’s all the wisdom I have to share for now. I hope it helps somebody. Blessed be, y’all.

Spirit Introduction

I woke up from a typical dream in which I had been holding a cat laying limp over my arm. When I woke up I saw a pillow on top of my arm and realized that is why the cat in my dream was laying that way. I fell back asleep within a few seconds (so fast I wonder if I had a false awakening). Instantly I was peacefully walking along a road that is on my way home. I was walking with a beautiful happy spirit woman who introduced herself to me by name. I asked if she was one of my guides or a general spirit guide (helps multiple people instead of being just assigned to me). She started telling me her other roles but I could not understand what she was saying (as if I was not hearing well or she was speaking another language). Then I woke up shortly before receiving a text that would have woken me up. I feel like this was a happy experience with the spirit world.

It’s Okay Until There Are Results

There’s something funny about the nature of many human beings:  they are fine with the belief in Spirit until there is evidence.  That’s when they get scared.  In this mindset:

  • It’s okay, even good, to believe in God.  However, their minds suspect an evil source  or fraud if a miracle happens.
  • It’s often encouraged to talk to God, but your “crazy” if you notice him reply.
  • You can think you are psychic, and some people will just think you are delusional or silly, but accept that aspect of you as a quirky personality trait of an eccentric.  If you share any proof you have psychic ability, they get very uncomfortable or scared.
  • You can “Believe what you want, as long as you don’t hurt anybody”, but they get worried/scared if you don’t sensor what you believe/have experienced.

For the “weirdos” like myself, these reactions are baffling.  It could make us laugh or cry.  Maybe both.  Some of us probably get angry about it.  Whatever the emotion is that flows, there is likely contemplation.


I suppose these startled skeptics and non-believing “believers” are just experiencing different perspectives.  They are coming from a place in which it can be comforting to believe in more, but knowing more is frightening.  It is frightful for them the really experience and process information that was not received from a tangible, worldly source.  Many have been taught to exalt Divine in such a manner that they believe we are too far away from Divine to “hear” Source reply.  In some cases, people might even become upset by evidence because they are jealous.  “Why would Divine communicate with him and not me?  What makes him think he is so special?!” or “It isn’t right that she witnessed a miracle and I didn’t.  That doesn’t make sense, so she must be lying!”  In no way am I belittling people who come from such a perspective.  I’m just trying to understand them.  Us “weirdos” are not better, we just walk with a thinner veil in front of our eyes.  Perhaps the veil is thicker for others because they are meant to fully focus (or at least primarily focus) on things of the physical realm.  Perhaps they are troubled by leaks through the veil because the other side is too distracting for them.  It’s too vast.  It’s too complicated.  It’s too mysterious.  It’s “not logical”.

Whatever the reason, chances are many thinly-veiled viewers will be walking alongside those with thick veils.  We will be holding hands and trekking paths together.  Us weirdos will try to work with what they can’t perceive, and they will remind us that focus in the physical world is important too.  Bothering each other from time to time just part of the adventure  :-p

With all that said, I suggest to my fellow weirdos that it might be better to keep some knowledge and experiences to ourselves (personally or with other weirdos).  As much as we don’t want to keep things from loved ones, we probably should try to avoid freaking them out too often.  I suspect the reason there are keepers of hidden knowledge is because only some are ready for that knowledge.  It’s a safety precaution instead of a dubious conspiracy.  Additionally, we must use our judgement to keep us from trusting details with people who might in turn become abusers.  A friend or family member could seem like an ally only to turn into a monster trying to destroy you or at the very least insisting you suppress your perceptive abilities/connection to Spirit.

Blessed be, y’all.

The Flaws of Spells for Sale


I would like to start this by saying that this is just my personal perspective.  I’m not a know-it-all witchy guru.  This is just practical witchy thinking in my opinion.  It just doesn’t make good sense to pay a witch for spellwork.

For example.  You might see an ad stating that a witch will perform a love spell for you for $34.99.  You have had lousy luck in the romance department so you are considering this service.  Here is why you should think twice.

  1. The energy in spellwork is enhanced by emotional power.  Strong emotions can produce stronger energy for your spellwork.  Unless a witch is insanely empathic and your shields are way down, he or she is probably not going to be able to emotionally convey your longing for love with the strength that you would personally be able to do so.
  2. The witch you are considering giving your money to for spellwork probably doesn’t know what you want or need in a partner as well as you do.  The specifics of how a spell should work should not be ignored.  A vague guideline may deliver results you did not bargain for.  Perhaps you end up falling in love with a man who seems nice at first but is actually a narcissist.  Sure you get your wish of being in love, problem is you and your significant other are in love with the same person; him.
  3. You might not approve of the source of the witch’s magick or his/her rituals.  Some witches may be transparent in how they do things, but others might not.  The best way to know what source is being tapped into is to personally tap into a source of power you are comfortable with.
  4. Sometimes what we want isn’t what is best for us.  Lets say you really want one particular man to love you.  You have sent him all the signals and told him how you feel.  Yet, he does not reciprocate.  You decide to have a love spell done so that he falls in love with you.  So he does.  Unfortunately, his feelings will be false.  You could shortchange him as well as yourself out of being with partners who truly resonate with each of you.
  5. How do you know a witch really did a spell for you unless she or he allows you to witness the spellwork take place?  He or she could just tell you she did the work when really Netflix was being watched.
  6. If you don’t have enough faith or belief to ask for something directly by contacting the Higher Power/The Divine yourself, what makes you so sure that another person’s faith will work for you?
  7. Some spellwork is extraordinarily simple.  A basic knowledge of what you are doing and a focused intention can get you fairly far.  Magick does not have to be complicated and professionally done to be effective.  Why pay $35 for a fancy spell done by somebody else when you can just focus your intention for free?

P.S.  I have no problem with spiritual services being offered as a person’s career path.  There are differences between other spiritual services and spellwork though.  Shamans, for example, go through extensive training and have learned lessons that could take others years to learn.  Likely many lessons that were painful to learn.  If a shaman is willing to go on a journey for you and give you details of what was discovered, $35 seems pretty reasonable.  That’s all for this topic.  Blessed be, y’all.

Dream Update

I had an interesting sleep cycle I believe the day following the “Tiger” post.  I didn’t post about it on the day it happened I suppose because I just didn’t feel like typing it all up.  I believe it was the night/morning after the dream I called for Tiger to help me, I had a series of 3 interesting dreams.  The first one had me and I believe my mom in a trailer I used to live in as a child.  I walked into the living room to see my Pappaw (Grandfather) sitting on the couch.  He passed away a few years ago and I was very happy to see him.  I think I exclaimed “Pappaw!”  And he looked at my startled and worried that I was there and declared that I shouldn’t be there.  I got the sudden feeling that I should turn around and dart back down the hall and me and the person I was with (who I think was my mother but I didn’t really pay attention to her) should get back in bed and close our eyes.  So that is what we did.  Right before I got back in the bed, a creepy figure came to my side and said something creepily into my ear, I think with a sinister happy grin on its face.  I don’t recall what it said, but I wasn’t going to ask again.  I ducked under the covers in that dream and the next dream I remember I was back in the bed I actually fell asleep in.  I was in the dark room and once again, as in the tiger dream, a creepy presence was over me on the bed.  I had my eyes closed and called for Tiger in my mind a few times.  The presence was still there so I started calling for my guardian angel.  Then the presence quickly went away.  I think I woke up shortly after that.

Before going back to sleep, I had a talk with my guardian angel.  I told him what I wanted him to do to prevent me from having another creepy presence over me sort of dream.  I told him I didn’t want to go around wondering out of my physical body by accident, and I didn’t want negative energies noticing me.  So, I asked that a sort of etheric anklet be put on me in order to anchor me to my physical body and ward off/hide me from negative energies.  I went back to sleep and “woke up” to feeling somebody snuggling me in bed.  Turns out it was my mom.  We have not snuggled since I was a little kid, so I thought that was weird.  But she got out of bed and the room looked normal and lit.  She just had thought it would be a nice way to wake me up.  She left the room and started talking to my grandmother (this was in my grandmothers house) in another room.  At some point I remember seeing my glasses on the nightstand and a quickly vanishing pair of menacing eyes.  It was like seeing a glitch.  The red eyes over the nightstand were alarming, but gone so quickly that I dismissed them.  I heard my mom mention something about tempting me out of bed with breakfast.  Then she came to the door with some sort of tator tot stick thing saying that the food was in the kitchen.  It is unusual that my mom would come over early to bring me and my grandmother breakfast, but she lured me with potatoes.  I tried getting out of bed, but could not.  I got the top half of my body out of bed and was trying to drag myself out of bed.  I could feel the carpet on my hands.  But my lower body simply would not leave the bed.  Then I woke up for real.  My glasses were in the same position they were in the dream.  I thought about what the anklet I had asked to be given and realized that it seemed to be the anklet keeping me from fully getting out of bed/out of body in the dream, and why the creepy thing that momentarily noticed me quickly vanished.

This morning I had some interesting dreaming as well.  Although I don’t recall vivid details of my lucid dreaming this morning in the dark hours, I recall that it lasted quite a while for a lucid dream for me.  It felt in dream something like an hour.  Which is splendid in itself.  I explored a dreamscape that was a variation of my grandmother’s property and there were a lot of people around.  I tasted food (I think I remember eating bread and drinking a little water), and noticed I didn’t have much luck in the department of dream manifestation.  I tried to get my guardian angel or spirit guide to show up I think, and that was a no-go.  I then tried to get Owl to show up.  I thought maybe I was having success as a bird took form in a tree in front of me, but it didn’t look like an owl really.  Like some bizarre owl hybrid maybe.

Also had a non-lucid dream later in the morning that I think might have been a spirit reaching out to me with details about herself.  Not sure.  Blessed be, y’all.

Sometimes “Gurus” are Jerks

Tonight my sweetheart and I reminisced about the time we went to a famous new age shop and I got swindled.

I won’t say the name of the store or the proprietor, but it is well known.  The shop owner has been in business for decades.  His shop was like walking into a modern version of Merlin’s shack from The Sword in the Stone.  I was a newbie rural witch in awe of all the stuff I couldn’t browse for back home.  I was naive and didn’t pay much attention to the red flags of douchery that my boyfriend could spot from a mile away.  He tried to give me subtle hints we should head out, but reading subtle hints was not my strong suit.

Although I am not red flagging it for this reason, I will say the shop was a straight up hoarder’s den.  I remember thinking the fire marshal would have to shut the store down he or she saw the inside of this place.  My retail student self was thinking this was a visual merchandising disaster.  I brushed that off as a symptom of an eccentric personality.

The first red flag was that when I wanted to get through the mess and look at the essential oils, he didn’t want me to handle them or even particularly look at them.  I mentioned that I was hoping to find an oil to help with headaches, and he asked me if I ate meat.  I said yes and he prescribed a vegetarian or vegan diet instead of letting me look at what I wanted to.  But…I was in a spiritualist’s retail wonderland!  I brushed it off and looked about. The guy chatted up a storm to my boyfriend and basically ignored me unless I touched something.  Retrospectively, he was kind of acting like I was a child.  That was the second red flag.  Apparently because my fella is a bearded man he got better treatment.  (Although honestly, I wouldn’t have wanted to be the target of this “guru’s” chatter.  Little did he know my boyfriend is not the least bit spiritual and valued the guy’s merchandise about as much as a week-old sandwich.)  Eventually the guy sold me a cauldron at a “bargain” price which was easily two or three times more than what it was worth.  Hindsight.  At least I do really like that little cauldron.

My boyfriend decided to read a few of the store’s customer reviews for kicks.  A recent one was by a teenager (I think 17) who was kicked out of the store for being under 18.  He told her she could come back later with a parent.  This tells me a couple things about the guy running the store.

  1. He thinks being under 18 makes a person unworthy of his time or not to be trusted.  (If she was old enough to drive a car, she was old enough to look at books about astral projection and crystals.)
  2. I look young for my age, so maybe he treated me that way because I looked like a teenager even though I was probably 26 or 27.  That would make him rather presumptuous to assume my age based on appearance.  Maybe the guy is a little sexist.  I really don’t know.  Whatever the case, it’s crap.

The point of all this is not to vent because I am not upset by it.  It was a learning experience and no real harm was done.  I can actually laugh about the absurdity.  The purpose of this post is to advise my readers not to let a person’s reputation for being an enlightened genius of spirituality blind them to the fact that the person may actually be an ass hat.  All the book learnin’ in the world doesn’t mean much if a person gets way too big for their britches.  Humility is important.  You can be confident without having a patronizing air of superiority.  Being in the early years of your spiritual journey doesn’t make you less valuable than somebody else.  If a “teacher” acts like he or she is better than you because they have more years spent studying, than that teacher probably is not worth your time.  Keep your money to spend some place where you aren’t treated like a peasant.

Blessed be, y’all.