Intuitive Development

I joined an intuitive development group and a tarot development group online a few days ago.  I figure the intuitive development course could help me develop my intuition to help with the accuracy of my tarot readings and depth I am able to go into.  I think I expected the intuitive development group to post advice articles on how to develop intuition, along with meditations and that sort of thing.  Instead I have found that people post photos of themselves or deceased loved ones and the group members are basically just supposed to dive in and give their impressions.  The people who post the photos are supposed to give feedback so that the commenters know how accurate they were.  This was intimidating at first.  Admittedly, I like seeing a photo of a querent before doing a reading (if I don’t already know what the person looks like), to help me focus in on that person.  No tarot cards means less info to work with though.

Despite some confusion, I jumped right in and started slinging impressions.  I will admit that my impressions are very largely based on facial expression and eyes.  I believe a person’s eyes can tell a lot about that person.  I will also admit that some of my comments have been more like advice or suggestions that I just think is helpful based on given context.  I have not been shy to type things like “I’m not psychic, but…”

Perhaps a bit to my surprise and delight, I don’t seem to be doing too bad of a job in the group so far.  I do not have much info to divulge to those who inquire (and I don’t get a read off of every photo I see), but so far I have had pretty encouraging feedback.  The first picture I commented on was one of a woman who was looking for some sort of direction.  I told her I saw her in scrubs.  She told me all of her family worked as nurses.  I found that pretty interesting.  She just looked like a nurse to me, but I don’t for sure know why.  I guess that could be intuition.

I will also say that I have not commented on any photos of the deceased.  I am not comfortable even trying to give a message from deceased loved ones.  There are a couple of reasons for that:

  1.   That is a highly sensitive situation.  A lot of emotion is likely to be involved for the person you are giving the reading to, and I don’t want to guess if I am actually receiving input about their loved one or if it is just my imagination.
  2.   I don’t want to develop mediumship.  No thank you.  My teen years were a bit paranormally active, with some frightening experiences.  I don’t want to raise a flag saying “Hey, I am open to sensing all of you on the other side!”  I am definitely NOT open to that.  I want that door padlocked.  Nobody entering in unless God assigned them to guide me with love and protective energy.

With all that discussed, I hope you all had a lovely weekend.  Blessed be.



What is a Witch?


I feel I may have discussed this before, but I am going to discuss it again just in case.  There are so many ways that question could be answered.  A hundred witches could each vary in how they define the word “witch”.  I can tell you how I define a witch.  A witch is a soul who seeks wisdom, the ability to manipulate energy, and a connection with what is sacred.  Sacred sources will vary according to the witch.  Generally speaking, nature will be respected and celebrated even if a witch does not believe in a spiritual world.

By my definition, there are probably many witches in the world who do not identify as witches.  For example, many members of the new age community would qualify as a witch in my mind.  The new agers I would consider to be witches are the ones who follow the cycle of the moon, use crystals, and smudge.  I believe many people who privately identify as witches use the New Age label as a way to describe their beliefs to people who might react negatively to the word “witch”.

Which leads to a reason some witches might never identify as witches.  The word has long had negative connotations attached to it.  A person raised with a strict religious upbringing might never accept the witch label (even privately) because their mind conjures images of an evil hag or harmful seductress.  Ultimately, it is fine if you don’t accept the label as long as you accept the truth of who you are.

Tarot Cards are Not Substitutes for Mediums

Anybody who watches haunting shows has probably heard of somebody using tarot cards to try to communicate with whatever or whoever is haunting a house.  Although I totally disagree with people dabbling with Ouija boards, at least I can understand the uneducated intent with that.  Tarot books I have seen provide no interpretations for haunting-related readings.   And if a tarot uneducated person pulls the devil or death card during a paranormal investigation, that person is probably going to freak out.  Even if they pull a 10 of cups, how are they going to relate that to a ghost message?  Does that mean a ghost is attracted to their happy home energy or that the ghost had a good family life?  Unless you are a psychic medium, that’s going to be difficult to discern.

Also be aware that trying to communicate with entities is likely to stir up more activity in a haunted house.  One needs to know to put up spiritual protection before even considering such.  Spiritual crafts should be respected like physical crafts.  You probably know it would be stupid to mess with a blow torch without learning how to properly use it.  That’s all for this post.

Psychic Gifts and Tarot Reading

Yesterday I read an article that I found rather interesting.  The author discussed in to-the-point detail how to recognize different psychic gifts and apply them to reading tarot cards.

This is the article.

I’d like to clarify that I believe people can have psychic gifts without being “psychic”.  The term “psychic” when used to describe a person tends to suggest a person with a highly developed psychic gift.  These would be the people who can intuitively tell police where to look for missing people or accurately tell the stories of spirits to the owners of haunted homes.  People in general tend to have psychic gifts to some extent though.  They come in the forms of gut instincts, nagging inner voices, and dreams.

I can tell you that I have been learning how my intuition takes form while practicing tarot lately.  For me, it seems to come in the form of a sort of anxious impulse feeling combined with inner directions such as to “pull the third card from the bottom”.  The descriptions in the article point toward a clairsentient ability which I already suspected.  The article might also suggest a clairaudient ability because of the directions of an inner voice, but I don’t think of that as something I am “hearing”, but rather messages in thought form.  I suspect some level of claircognizance might be at work.  According to what the article describes to be clairvoyance, that is definitely at work when I interpret the cards.  I would certainly not consider myself a “clairvoyant” though, since that is typically used to describe somebody who can “see” the future.

I am interested to learn which of these psychic gifts others have tapped into.  If you read the article, please leave a comment telling me what connections you made.

Sacred Space

Sacred space is a zone of peacefulness in which we can center ourselves.  Even those who are not spiritual can have a space sacred to them; a place where they keep in touch with themselves free from the distraction of chaos.  This space is important for self-care.


For many this sacred space will be out in nature.  I myself have considered nature to be my church.  It is lovely to be able to ground by touching your bare feet to grass, to feel the breeze against your skin as you take deep breaths, to hear a choir of birds sing.  Earth is sacred to all of us (even if some would deny it the respect it deserves), thus it makes sense that so many feel a sacred connection and peacefulness outdoors.  A home garden could easily be a sacred space.

However, it isn’t always ideal or possible to have a regularly visited sacred space outdoors.  (One could have an occasionally visited sacred space at a park or some other place.)  For example, Summers in my area can have a real feel of up to 110 degrees F.  There can be a lot of humidity and an abundance of mosquitoes.  I am not spending more time outside then than is absolutely necessary.  For an additional example, people in cities often do not have a yard or a balcony.  Even if they do have a balcony or a yard, it might be very noisy outside with sounds of car horns and chatter.  With all that said, here are some ideas for creating a personal sacred space:

  • If you have a yard or balcony in the city where you typically have a lot of noise pollution, you could still potentially use that space as a sacred space if you wear ear plugs or headphones.  Of course I would not suggest this in a high-crime area where it is necessary to be very aware of your surroundings.
  • You may desire to feel connected to nature while remaining indoors.  This is very possible.  One way of accomplishing that nature connection is by setting up a sacred space by a window.  It is also advised to keep houseplants.  If you have a particularly hectic lifestyle, you likely only want to maintain one plant.  You can also close your eyes and listen to nature sounds as found on YouTube.  You can listen to a thunder storm and see the lightning flashes in your mind.
  • Altars are focal points for sacred spaces.  You place representations of what you want to focus on on top of the altar.  Representations of faith, joy, and spiritual evolution are ideal for the decoration of the altar.  They are not necessary, per say, for everybody.  I find them a personal must-have though.  Your altar can be anywhere you can fit it.  In fact, a travel altar can enable a person to create a personal sacred space anywhere they can be alone.
  • Make it comfy.  This space exists for self-care (and connecting to our faiths for those of us who are spiritual).  It may be difficult to relax if your bum is going numb from sitting on a hard surface.
  • Decorate the space with colors you enjoy.  Our favorite colors add to our sense of happiness.
  • If at all possible, make sure your sacred space is somewhere you can be alone.  That doesn’t mean others can never enter the space, it just means you can have private time there.  Your sacred space should help keep you centered.  It makes it harder to achieve a state of balance if somebody is talking to you and messing with your stuff.  I realize that some people hate alone time, but I believe it is necessary.
  • Don’t be afraid to think out of the box when creating a sacred space.  This is especially true for parents and people with obnoxious roommates.  An altar topped with knick-knacks might not be idea for a mom sharing a small apartment with toddlers.  Quiet, personal space, might be non-existent in that situation until the children have went to sleep for the night.  Perhaps that Mom’s sacred space could be set up in her bathroom after the kids have gone to bed.  She could fill the tub with warm water, light a scented candle placed on the counter, and just take half an hour to soak in peace.  Although the bathroom is shared domain most of the time, it can be converted into sacred space at night.  Your kitchen or laundry room could even serve as sacred space.  I remember my stepmother’s favorite chore seemed to be folding clothes.  She would sit in the laundry room by herself, and that may have been the most relaxing time of her day.  I can totally understand that too, especially with how amazing some laundry detergent smells.
  • If you don’t have a physical space available that is peaceful, you can create a mental sacred space.  Of course this requires imagination and the ability to tune out distractions without being physically removed from them.

I’m sure much more can be said about the subject of sacred space, but I think I have provided a good starting point of information.  I wish you all to be blessed and enjoy your sacred spaces.

24 Readings Since April 25th

I am pretty happy with the number of readings I have done lately while trying to develop skill as a tarot reader.  Granted some readings were “Card of the Day” readings, 24 readings in a little over a month is not bad.  Today I even offered a practice reading to a volunteer in a facebook group.  I have just been reading for a handful of people I know and myself.  It is too early to say for sure, but I have been feeling called toward the possibility of a future as a professional tarot reader.  From an analytical perspective, it isn’t likely to make much money as a tarot reader unless perhaps one has a large YouTube following.  I have no intention of becoming a YouTuber.  I am somewhat active in the YouTube pagan community at least (as a commenter and topic suggester).  On the other hand, a few satisfied quarents could gradually build up to enough repeat quarents to provide a stream of income suitable for a fairly humble, yet comfortable, living.  I will have to keep up the habit of reading for now and see where that leads.  Blessed be, y’all.

Week of the Swords

My personal readings from May 23rd until today have been rather swords heavy, with the Queen of Swords and 5 of swords popping up more than once each.  Something I am really liking about the deck is the way some cards stray from the norm.  It pushes me to really connect to the card instead of just looking up meanings.  I do still look up meanings, but allow myself to stray from them if the don’t click.  For example, today I drew the 10 of swords.   A refference book said it is a card of failure or defeat.  However, the look on the injured woman’s face had a different story to tell me.   

This is a woman who accepts the swords piercing her, as well as the shadows they cast onto her, with a sense of peace.  This woman seems to be miraculously alive and resting while in a condition that would have caused others to be destroyed.  She knows that panic or hasty removal of the swords could cause further harm.  In this case, accepting what injures her as a part of herself (if only temporarily) is the safer choice.  She also has the mind to focus on something other than her wounds, which helps bring her peace.  This card makes me think of shadow work and learning to live with anxiety, depression, emotional scars, etc.  She has lost some battles, but is not giving up; just resting.   She knows the importance of taking time to center oneself.  

Blessed be y’all.


I attended a wedding today, and I was allowed to take home a centerpiece bouquet.   Fresh flowers are a rare treat for me.   They are looking quite fetching on my altar.  ❤

Tarot Bag

I got a carefully chosen tarot deck for my birthday.   I have been protecting the deck by wrapping it in a piece of fabric a friend gave me, but I wanted the deck to have a lovely tarot pouch to match it.  I stumbled upon lovely fabric last night at Walmart, so I made my deck a pouch.  I am still wrapping it in the fabric before putting it in the pouch to protect the card edges (they don’t stay lined up well without it).

It matches my journal for the deck as well.